A RESTAURANT that has been closed for around 10 weeks is back with more seating, revamped toilets and a transformed interior.

The Harvester said farewell to its customers back in February to undergo a two-month makeover.

After a slight delay in reopening, the restaurant, otherwise known as Old Castle, welcomed back customers old and new from April 14.

Visitors will note expansions to the building, a change in decor both in the venue and garden area, more seating and improved accessibility routes.

The toilets near the salad bar have now been removed, transformed into a function room-style space with additional tables.

And the other toilets, closer to the bar, have also been part of the makeover, with a complete change in layout and style.

During a soft launch event Wednesday evening, complete with bespoke cake, balloons and smiling staff, manager Danni Newman said: “I was nervous about the reopening but seeing all of the happy faces and some of our old guests returning was great.

"Everyone has been enjoying the cake and what we’ve done to the place. It’s great to be back.”

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